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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Mollie Makes Knitted Baby Blanket

Hey all! I'm stopping by to share this little darl with you today. Possibly the biggest thing I've ever knitted - a baby blanket. So cute.

The pattern was included in the Mollie Makes Issue 52 by Mariah Rockwell of Khaki and Chrome. I knew as soon as I saw it it needed to go into my to knit pile. I mean anything with pom poms is a winner with me you guys will know that!

But of course I didn't have anybody to knit it for until now. In May my lovely director Abigail at Pumpkin Events fell pregnant and at the first mention of a Baby Shower I knew exactly what my gift would be. 

You probably won't think it, but choosing the colours was harder than it looks. I'm normally a bright colour kind of gal but with gender of the little one still being kept a surprise I had to go gender neutral. Originally I was going to make the pom poms red, yellow and navy blue which would go with the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper in the nursery. But I just wasn't feeling the primary colour thang.

So it was ivory all over. Classic and reusable for any future bundles of joy.

I used King Cole's Big Value Super Chunky Wool in Champagne. Which I was actually really impressed with and a decent price for a project you need a lot of balls for. Knitting in circular needles was new to me but it's pretty easy to master. I love the texture of the check type pattern and I'm hoping it's going to keep the little one nice and warm!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

DIY Abstract Watercolour Coasters

I think we can definitely say Summer is over now folks, much to my dismay. But hey, the British Autumn is coming up trumps! The weather is considerably cooler, but we're enjoying blue skies and sun at the moment, yay!  And wow, the colours of Autumn always amaze me.

If you fancy bringing a little more colour into your home this Autumn go ahead and grab your sharpies, you can do this project in an afternoon!
I came across the idea on Pinterest - of course - and thought it would be a nice gift for the fella on his Birthday. You can find the original tutorial here.

I love the way they turned out...after a few attempts mind! I'm tempted to make my own set, or even a set to hang on the wall.

  • Sharpies 
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • White Ceramic Tiles
  • Eyedropper or Small Paintbrush
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Nail Polish Remover - useful if you want to start again
  • Felt
  • Strong Glue
  • Clear Varnish

  • Use the sharpies to cover the surface of the tile. Make sure you don't leave any white bits and blend the colours together where they meet. 
  • Drop the rubbing alcohol onto the tile to make pools, you'll see the sharpies start to react. Don't put too much on to start. Leave to dry for 15 - 20 minutes
  • Once it's dried you can add some more alcohol to create more patterns. If you add too much use a some kitchen roll to carefully soak it up. But never touch the tile as the patterns will break.
  • If you ever want to start again use nail polish remover to wipe it off.
  • When you're happy with the design colour the sides of the tile for a neat finish.
  • Allow to dry completely and then add a couple of layers of clear varnish.
  • Cut a piece of felt and glue to the bottom to protect your coaster from scratching any furniture. Enjoy!

Oooh the purdy colours. 
What do you think?

Chat with me in the comments or on Instagram!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

2015 a Summer of Fun, Adventure and Love.

Apologies for that total cheeseball title. I've always wondered how I might write this post, even though it really hasn't been something that's been an integral part of my life. Until now I guess! I haven't been around much lately you'll know, Summer has been a roller-coaster of fun with a few months of wedding mayhem, holidays and adventures with friends. But lastly and most definitely the reason why my knitting needles are gathering dust is that I may have fallen a tinsy bit head over heels in love.

Cheesy and cringey I know, to announce it like this especially.
But, I actually could shout it from the roof tops! I'm at that sickening lovey stage that everyone around me pulls faces of disgust. I know, my friends have told me so. 

But I'm not going to lie, it feels amazing and I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I guess I've thought about "revealing the relationship status" on the blog before. But what's the etiquette? I mean how embarrassing would it be if it was just another dead end relationship that breaks down in a year or so? Cause I've had a share of those! Do I announce my break up and heartbreak? Urgh the thought makes me cringe. I'm not a relationship blogger but I do to some extent share my personal life and adventures with you guys. But what do I do, just start sharing photos on my Instagram of a random guy and let you guys work the rest out? I don't know but somehow that would feel wrong. I share pretty much every other life changing moment in my life so why not this? Arguably the biggest moment?

So here it is, my introduction to Joey. Or Joe as most refer to him as.
*squeal face*

I won't bore you with the details of our "love story". But I will tell you when we started seeing each other - nerves of having to announce my "status" on the blog disappeared. I just don't have any doubts that this isn't the real deal. And god forbid, because you just never know, if he isn't I'll just have to eat my words and figure out how on earth I'd get over that heartbreak. Anyway less of that it's making me nervous. 

He's a carpenter (useful - check). Ridiculously handsome (check). Has curly hair (check). And the most cracking set of teeth I have ever seen (check). And not forgetting because that would be incredibly vain of me; genuine, kind, romantic and hilarious at all times. 
He basically gets a check in every department.

So that my friends is where my time has gone this Summer! Do you blame me? Suddenly my poor knitting needles didn't seem so appealing as a choice over him. But don't fear! With Winter approaching my crafty side has kicked back in and I'm ready to start a few new projects, even if it does mean cracking out my knitting when we're watching TV (he doesn't mind thankfully!). But, more on that in a sec. 

Of course you'll know I have been busy in other areas of life. I went to NEW YORK in August. Which was simply incredible! It was my first time in the States and I had the best time with my friend's Isobel and Maxi (our generous hostess) seeing the sights. We ate big, drank big, and walked BIG. If that even makes sense. My poor feet were exhausted every day we walked so far! I also spent days in Bristol, London and Wales! Which were all so much fun. 

Now like I said, I'm prepping for some new projects in the works. A set of PJ's.. a knitted set of Golf Club Covers and another knitted gift I need to keep quiet about in case it gets heard by the wrong person! So don't worry, I'm not about to give up blogging or crafting to devote my life to a man. I still very much love my hobbies and I am looking forward to developing my skills in them! However, I guess things might just take me a little longer now I have someone to spend time with. After all, there really is no comparison. 

I'll leave you with some photos from my Summer. I hope to have some crafts to share soon!

New York New York!

 Hell yes - Breakfast at Tiffany's

 I loved the Flat Iron Building! Definitely my favourite skyscraper - so unique!

On top of the world at the Empire State.

My travelling companion Isobel and I... at the Friends fountain of course!

 The Lighthouse on Holyhead

Picnic Date in the Forest. Everyone say "Awh"

Have a great week!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

DIY Pineapple & Flamingo Sunglasses.

Summer is going by so ridiculously fast I feel like I blink and another month passes. Wedding season is hectic to say the least, but I can hands down say it's been the. best Summer. ever. And it's only just August! I went to Bristol last weekend for a friends Birthday BBQ Party. And this weekend I'm off to a Hawaiian Party in London. 
YES that's fancy dress folks! My grass skirt is ordered, flower necklace is on it's way and the last part of my outfit is absolutely ready to rock and roll.

Introducing... my Flamingo and Pineapple Sunglasses.
I'm can't even pretend that I don't think these are the coolest things I have ever made - I'm tempted to use them as my driving sunnies. No kidding. The kids in the village can call me crazy lady I don't care.
Maybe I should make a pair for every day of the week. Giraffes, Ice creams, oh the opportunities are endless.

Now cause you're dying to make yourself a pair, here's the how to!


What you need:
  • A pair of round or "roundish" sunglasses
  • Flamingo/Pineapple Template
  • 1mm thick cardstock. I used plain grey cardstock to create a sturdy base.
  • Coloured paper/card in desired colours.
  • Glue or bluetack (if you don't want to make your sunglasses permanent- great for interchanging designs!)
  • Paper glue.
  • Cutting mat and craft knife.
  • Brown crayon / Black pen.
Make it:
  • Print out  your template. You may wish to resize it if your sunglasses are slightly smaller/larger than mine. You can do this in Photoshop or even a Word Document.
  • You can trace your template onto card, or cut out and draw around to create the base shape of your design.
  • Then trace and cut out the other shapes to create the highlights and other features.
  • Stick together.
  • Add the flamingo eye and pineapple details with your pen/crayon. 
  • Stick to sunglasses permanently with glue or use blue tack for a temporary solution. This method should work fine if you have a thick enough frame.
  • Wear your sunnies with pride!
Woohoo! You'll find me at the cocktail bar...